Google maps features for Android smartphone | All you need to know

Google maps features for Android smartphone | All you need to know

Google maps features for Android smartphone | All you need to know

Google maps features for Android smartphone | All you need to know. Hello, everybody today I am going to share about how you can use Google maps features in your Android smartphone.Whenever we go down some unknown paths and don’t know the way forward, we immediately remove our smartphone and, using Google Map features, we know where the next route will be. The fact that Google Map changed our journey.

What are Google maps?

Google Maps is a Google web mapping service. It offers satellite images, street maps, 360 ° panoramic street views, real-time traffic conditions and route planning for foot, car, bicycle and air travel or public transport.

Google Maps features provides a route planner that enables users to find available routes by driving, public transport, walking or cycling. Google has partnered globally with more than 800 public transport providers to adopt the General Transit Feed Specification( GTFS) to make data available to third parties. Google Traffic provides traffic data in real time with a colored map overlay to display vehicle speed on specific roads. Crowdsourcing is being used to obtain the GPS locations of many cell phone users producing live traffic maps.

Here are some of the Google maps features for Android smartphone all you need to know.

Google maps features for Android smartphone | All you need to know

Google Maps is one of Google’s most popular services, and while the navigation app has received many recent updates. Google Maps still has some cool features you haven’t used yet. In this way, we’ll tell you today about the features on Google Maps that will make your journey even more fun.

1Google Maps features will tell where to ‘park’ car

Many times, we park the car in a march or crowded spot, the exact location of which we forget. In this situation, users can save their parking space via Google Maps. To do this here are steps below —

👉 You must open your smartphone with Google Map.
👉 Go to Blue and tap Save in your car park (for Android)user.
👉 You will then know where you parked your car.
👉 While if you are an (iOS) user, you must set a parking space.

Additional Information can also be added about your parking space, such as level (if in a multi- level parking structure). Also, you can share your parking with friends.

2.  Google Maps features share ‘location’ in real time 

At whatever point we go some place in the gathering, regularly there will be somebody who goes to such a place which can be somewhat hard to discover, yet now you don’t need to stress over it in light of the fact that on Google Map there is such a features, with which you can share your present area. With the Google Map features, you will have the capacity to do hours work effortlessly in minutes.

3.  Google Maps features will discover where ‘petrol pump and ATM’

If you go to an unknown town and you don’t know where the petroleum pump or ATM is, at that point there is no worry to stress over it, take out your smartphone and open Google Map in it.  You need to tap on explorer near explorer, after which the petroleum pump, ATMs and eateries around you will be uncovered. Not just this, you will have the capacity to discover the distance with its help.

4.  Google Maps features informs where you reached your train

There so many of these apps are available in the Google Play Store so that you can find out where your train reached, but to download the app, so if your data is finished, the app is also downloaded by downloading the app. Why are we not using Google Maps to know where our train is?

5.  Google Maps features change ‘language’

Do you realize that when you travel, you can change the voice and the language in your map in like manner. For this you need to initially tap on the menu option where you can pick the language as indicated by your language.

6 Google Maps features ‘Message’ on now you can chat

Google is always attempting to enhance its feature. In a similar sequence, the company added another new feature to its navigation app Google Maps. You presently additionally get the alternative of informing on Google Maps, which gives you a chance to talk with your neighborhood store and and more. The informing highlight on Google Maps has begun taking off to Android users, however this feature isn’t yet available  for all  users.In the Messaging tab, users have the option of  chatting local businesses. It isn’t yet realized what how many no. of companies  can utilize this feature. 

Let’s know how to use this feature.

Google Maps features 'Message' on now you can chat

👉 You must first go to the hamburger menu that looks at the Google Maps app’s left corner. 
👉 You’ll find here in the Message tab menu. 
👉 You can see the old chat made from the contact by clicking on the Message button. 
👉 You wo n’t see any message if you haven’t chatted before anyone.

Google Maps features 'Message' on now you can chat

You will see a notification stating, ” There are no messages yet, you may go to any business contract and message page in Google. ” So this app will allow you to chat with local store contacts. In India, many users also benefit from the feature.

7.  Google Maps features on Android now supports ‘Delhi’s auto rickshaw’ functionality

Google has now added Google Maps support for auto rickshaws in Delhi to help customers dependent on this form of public transport. People who use Google Maps feature on Android now see a new mode called auto rickshaw for public transport. 

According to Google, this will make it much easier to manage their journeys by providing estimated travel costs, as auto rickshaws rarely use fixed rates in most cities. By choosing auto rickshaw as their mode of transport, people can view proposed routes for the ride and estimate auto rickshaw prices.

This new feature can be found in the ” public transport and cab ” modes in Google Maps, and the expected journey route and the official fare model are based on the details shared by Delhi Traffic Police.This feature is available on Android smartphones so you need to update your app to the latest version of Google Maps (v.10.6) in order to use this feature. No details for this feature are available on iOS.

Let’s know how to use this feature —-

👉  The very first step is to upgrade to version v.10.6 of Google Maps.
👉  Open Google Maps now and find the destination you would normally like.
👉  Tap the directions and then go to the public transportation tab.
👉  You ‘ll see the result of the auto rickshaw in the ‘ also consider’ column.
👉  Using the auto rickshaw icon, users will also see the estimated route price and traffic information.
👉  To start your trip, tap the option’ Navigate. ‘

Note: But there are no updates to this feature for other cities in India such as Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, etc., where auto rickshaws are the most popular transport method.

8.   Google Maps features ‘Group planning’

Going out with your group can often be incredibly annoying, especially when planning events are concerned. It’s not always easy to pick a place and agree on it. Fortunately, Google wants to fix all this, because it had just launched a new maps feature to help plan events and make it fun.

The Google Maps feature ‘Group planning’ will reduce the time you spend with friends in messaging apps, sharing links while planning your next meeting. So instead, you can do that much simpler. The Google Maps  new feature, both available on Android and iPhone, allows you to easily pick up and share restaurants, bars and other attractions with your group. Thereafter anyone can see the suggestions and vote on their favorite. It’s much more democratic and it can save you valuable time.  Here’s how it works

👉  You can add places to a shortlist in Google Maps while exploring your area.
👉  Simply share it with your group once you have finished your selection.
👉  Everyone can add or remove places and vote for their preferred choice.

As you can see above, all the suggestions on the map are shown, which is also a useful feature, because you don’t have to point out where a restaurant is or ask directions. It’s okay there for taking.

Google is progressively trying to transform Google Maps into an application by testing more new features in future that could be used for more than just navigation purposes. 

I hope you all will like this interesting and helpful article Google maps features for Android smartphone | All you need to know so take benefit from this feature.

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