Google plus shutting down | You need to know

Google plus shutting down | All you need to know

Google plus shutting down | You need to know

Google plus shutting down | You need to knowHello, everybody today I am going to share about Google plus shutting down You need to knowGoogle plus for customers is shutting down April 2, 2019. Google had declared its plans to fully shut down Google plus back in December last year. Google plus was Launched in 2011, Google plus was expected to be the company’s answer to Facebook with a variety of similar options but, it did not gain much traction over the years whereas Google plus will stop to exist from April 2, 2019.

The company currently says it’ll begin removing a number of the features as early as February 4. Google has outlined the timeline once and that features are going to be taken offline initial and how Google plus users will download their data On a new support page announce on, Google says from February 4 it’ll stop letting users create new Google plus profiles pages, communities or events Google plus community owners and moderators will download their information beginning early March 2019. This data can include author info, content body, and photos denote during a public community on Google plus beginning April 2, 2019. After Google Plus shutting down Google plus accounts and pages are going to be taken offline. Google can delete all consumer data just in case you archived photos and videos from Google plus, they’re going to be deleted likewise. just in case you’ve got heaps of knowledge resting on Google plus servers, confirm you transfer and put it aside well before April 2. 
Google plus data can take a few months of content posted on Google plus might stay visible throughout that point. The company says users should still be ready to view activity logs and a few consumers Google plus content may be visible via G Suite. G Suite is an associate integrated suite of collaboration and productivity apps for businesses that features Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts Meet and more.
On the new support page, Google still claims the company had decided to stop Google plus due to low usage and “challenges concerned in maintaining a successful product ” however, a bug was discovered last year that exposed user data of 500,000 users. Google still maintains no developer had exploited the vulnerability and therefore the company hasn’t been ready to realize any misuse of the data.

Let’s know how you can download Google plus data

You can download an archive of all of your Google plus data directly, together with your Google plus circles, communities, streams and +1s.
  • Go to download your data page. you may get to sign in.
  • Unselect the Google+ info that you simply don’t need to incorporate in your download Off.
  • Click Next.
  • Choose a file type.
  • Choose however you would like your data delivered.
  • Click on create archive.

Download specific Google plus data

Instead of downloading all of your data, you’ll be able to download specific Google plus data, like your photos, events or posts.

 1. Go to download your data page. you may need to sign on.
 2. Next, to the type of content that you just need to download, like Google plus Stream, click the down arrow.

 3. Click choose specific data.

 4. Select the particular data that you need to download.

 5. Click OK.

 6. Click Next.

 7. Choose a file type.

 8. Choose however you wish your data delivered.

 9. Click create an archive.

Learn about the kinds of Google plus content that you just will download

Google plus stream

To download content that you have created in Google Plus, like photos, events, and posts, choose Google Plus Stream. you’ll get:
1.  Posts that you’ve got created, as well as comments, +1s, and other activity
2.  Collections that you’ve got created
3.  Events that you’ve got created or were invited to
4.  Photos that you’ve got shared in your posts and comments
Google plus communities

To download data for Google Plus communities wherever you’re associate owner or moderator, choose Google Plus Communities you’ll get:
1.  Names and links to Google plus profiles of community owners, moderators, members, applicants, banned members and invitees.
2.  Links to posts shared with the community.
3.  Community metadata, together with community photos, community settings, content management settings, your role, and community categories.
Google Plus circle

To download data for Google Plus circle, choose Google Plus circle and you’ll get:
1.  First names   
2.  Surnames
3.  Nicknames
4.  Display names
5.  Google+ profile URLs.

Google Plus 1

To download content that you have Google Plus 1 ‘d on external sites, select  Plus 1s and you’ll get:
1.  Links to articles, blog posts and alternative content that you have +1’d.

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