How to manage WhatsApp storage setting | Here’s how you can fix It

How to manage WhatsApp storage setting | Here’s how you can fix It
How-to-manage-WhatsApp-storage-setting-Here’s-how- you-can-fix-It

to manage WhatsApp storage setting Here’s how you can fix It   

WhatsApp helps you not only in calling and electronic messaging but storage space in smartphones is also very important, everyone understands that notably as result of our smartphones aren’t simply the devices that we have a
habit to use to create or answer 
additionally as a result of they serve a much
bigger purpose than that. 
In this post, I’ll guide you regarding How to manage WhatsApp storage setting | Here’s how you can fix It  

If you use WhatsApp, then you may be in many groups
too. You must have muted some groups Family groups, office groups, groups of
friends, groups of old school friends, and offices have many different groups. There
are numerous individuals in these groups and with that, there are lots of
messages that are full of pictures, videos, and gif and 
If your smartphone has a huge amount of storage, then
WhatsApp can help you. Obviously, you will use this method only if you use
WhatsApp. Many of you may know about this method you’ll be able to additionally boost your
smartphone’s memory
, but those who do not know,
they should know.

WhatsApp for the memory boost of your smartphone –
that is, follow these steps.

Look at WhatsApp for the memory boost of your smartphone that is, WhatsApp storage
here’s how you can fix It just follow these steps below —


  1. Go to WhatsApp, tap on Settings.
  2. Click on Data and Storage usage, there you will see
    a list.
  3. A listing like Pictures, Audio, Videos, Documents the file will be available
  4. Most of the beneath will get Storage Usage.
  5. Click on Storage Usage Now a lengthy listing will
    show up here.
  6. This listing will exhibit the storage ate up by
    means of contacts and team chats.


Generally, at the top, you will see the largest
storage consumption list.

  1. In this list, you’ll delete those chats that you
    simply don’t need, which groups you are doing not need, you’ll delete them
  2. To delete, tap that chat within the list, click on
    Manage, tap on it
  3. Now you’ll select what you would like to delete. Tap
    on Photos, Videos, GIFs, Documents – Clear Option.

WhatsApp new features coming soon for WhatsApp storage setting problems


A new feature coming in WhatsApp, storage problems
will end new tool to eliminate the problem of 
WhatsApp storage. The new tool has recently been seen in the latest
version of WhatsApp Android Beta. Soon this feature will also be made available
for iOS users.


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According to WAbetainfo, this new feature of
WhatsApp storage setting will help users to optimize storage in their phones. With the help of
this feature, users will be able to free up space. Apart from this, you will
also be able to search for filters for forwarding and large files.

WhatsApp will now also offer suggestions to clean
storage. Users will have a review option and you will be able to delete files
that you do not need.

The second line will contain ‘forwarded files’,
which will contain information about how much storage these files are
consuming. The third line will contain information about large files and the
storage they consume. The old tool will also be available with the new tool,
through which users will be able to track the storage consumed in every chat. 
Apart from this, WhatsApp is also constantly working
on many new features to improve the user’s experience. 

this way, you’ll reduce the quantity of storage on your smartphones with the help of WhatsApp. Many of you’ll know this feature but don’t do that due to
laziness and delete a number of the essential things from WhatsApp to boost

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