Reliance Jio launches ‘Kumbh JioPhone’ I Everything you need to know about

Reliance Jio launches ‘Kumbh JioPhone’  Everything you need to know about

Reliance Jio launches 'Kumbh JioPhone' I Everything you need to know about

Reliance Jio launches ‘Kumbh JioPhone’  Everything you need to know about. Hello, everybody today I am going to share about the Kumbh Mela which is beginning from the 15th of January, and for Kumbh devotees, Reliance jio launches Kumbh JioPhone which will turn out to be extremely digitally useful especially for the Kumbh devotees. 

Kumbh Mela 2019

Kumbh Mela is beginning in Prayage, Uttarpradesh, from January 15 to March 4th. Pores of pilgrims from the country and overseas will be assembled for the shower at the Ganges. Governments and social associations are providing the next Kumbh Mela with several amenities. 

However this time especially there’ll be a special feature at PRAYAGRAJ Kumbh Mela. The Reliance jio launches Kumbh JioPhone, Jio telephone comes to Kumbh Mela, Phone Kumbha Gio with regards to religion. This JioPhone has a distinctive Feature for each devotee heading to the Kumbh Mela.

Reliance jio launch  JioPhone last year and the beginning of the new year JioPhone, the 4 G new feature phone, introduced a new service for all those heading to the Kumbh Mela, which includes, among others, The Kumbh Jio Phone will provide ” end-to-end rich information services ” on Kumbh: information on Kumbh, real-time information, booking stations, station Yatri Ashray, area routes & maps, railway camp mela, pre-published holy bath, and ritual schedules, and emergency numbers. All the above services are available to users of Jio Phone directly at their fingertips. Let’s know about this feature especially launch for Kumbh devotees —

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Features and Functionality of  Kumbh JioPhone

👉    Family Locator: Family Locator features help you always stay near your loved ones by finding their exact location.
👉   Khoya Paya (Lost & Found):  Khoya Paya (Lost & Found) features help you to reunite with your family and friends if you can’t trace them.

Kumbh Devotional Content

👉   Kumbh Darshan: Telecast of exceptional Kumbh occasions and programs  on JioTV alongside  past documents of Kumbh 
👉   Kumbh Radio: 24 X 7 access to devotional melodies and songs that keep you associated with the almighty.

News Alert

👉   Important warnings and messages at your fingertips in or around Kumbh


👉   Games: Several games to entertain you through your visit and then afterward. 
👉   Daily Quiz: Engage and win lots of interesting prizes by simply participating in the daily Kumbh Quiz and answering your interesting questions. 
These extra features go beyond the JioPhone core new offerings that have already transformed the country’s digital landscape.
👉   Free voice calls:  Free Local, STD, and Roaming calls to any system, from any place in India.
👉   Unlimited Internet:  Unlimited Internet of the best quality at the cheapest price worldwide.
👉   World’s Best Applications: Best world’s app like JioTV, JioCinema, JioSaavn music, JioGames, Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Google Maps and some more for entertainment.
👉   Google’s Voice Assistant: Google Voice Assistant features helps you to talk to your phone asking your phone to do that without typing.
Jio works closely with the UP Police & KASH IT to ensure that the experiences mentioned above are provided.
The new Kumbh functionality and features is available on the JioPhone for both existing and new Reliance JioPhone users via the JioStore.
Reliance Retail has created a special’ 1991′ helpline for answering questions on the JioPhone
Reliance Jio said, ” JioPhone is the innovation center and the Kumbh JioPhone initiative continues to demonstrate our aim to bring disproportionate and genuine value to JioPhone consumers. The JioPhone is becoming India’s largest sales phone simply because of its value and its features. We are proud that everybody in India can now access a smartphone as low as Rs 501 with features and functionalities made in India, made in India and made in India. “

I hope you all will like this interesting and helpful article Reliance Jio launches ‘Kumbh JioPhone’ I Everything you need to know about

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