Secret Email’s | How to create it?

" Secret Email's " How to create it ?

Secret Email’s | How to create it?

How to get started with, all you want to know so this nifty Gmail features let you send Secret Emails.

This year Google introduced on Gmail the Confidential Mode allowing users to send ephemeral emails to users with additional features to protect privacy.
This confidential mode feature is available on the latest version of Gmail for Android and iOS phones, you can now send emails with a   limited time after which they will expire. 
The emails cannot be copied, printed, forwarded, or downloaded sent under the confidential mode, for instance, passcode needed to open the email.

Steps to get started on Gmail for Android with Confidential Mode:-
  1. Open Gmail and tap on compose.
  2. Tap on three dots on the top right corner, followed by a tap on Confidential Mode.
  3. A new page will be open with options such as toggle for turning Confidential Mode “on ” or  “off.”
  4. After turning Confidential Mode “on” set an expiry time frame for the email.
  5. Lastly enabling a passcode for it.
Gmail users will get passcode generated by Google. The passcode will be sent via SMS, the mobile number of the recipient needs to be entered. Under Confidential Mode, email can be set to expire from a day to a maximum of five years which means that the email will self-destruct inside the recipient’s inbox even it as not opened.
To safeguard email before it reaches its self-destruct deadline you can also remove the access to the email. Here are the steps:-
  1. Go to the sent folder and choose the email marked with Confidential Mode.
  2. Now click on Remove Access.
This process helps the recipient won’t be able to see the email even if its expiry date is still remaining. 

I hope this article  Secret Email’s | How to create it? will be very helpful for Android and iOS phone users.

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