The ultimate guide to 12 WhatsApp new features

The ultimate guide to 12 WhatsApp new features

The ultimate guide to 12 WhatsApp new features

Here I am going to tell you about the top The ultimate guide to 12 WhatsApp new features upcoming features these features are currently in the testing period. Also, the official launch of these has not been confirmed by WhatsApp. 

more than 2 billion users worldwide, the company is constantly working on it to
improve the experience. To improve the experience of users, there are many
updates from time to time. The company
brings some new features every month for its users. Recently the social media messaging platform introduced many features such as a sticker pack for COVID19
Together at home’, Gif animated stickers
QR codes, and dark mode for the web.
Now the company is testing some new features again.

Let’s know
about the top 
12 WhatsApp New Features that can knock on the platform soon.

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1. Multi-device support

can be logged on only one device, but now with the help of the new
Multi-device support feature, users will be able to use the same
WhatsApp account on multiple devices simultaneously. Users will get enough from
this new feature. With the new multi-device feature, if the user adds a
WhatsApp account to any other device, then the encryption will change and its
information will be found in the chat.

2. Disappearing or expiring messages

This feature has been testing for a long time in the beta version of WhatsApp. The
name of this feature has recently appeared in the expiring message. With the
help of this feature, along with sending a message, the time limit can also be
set, after which the message will be automatically deleted.

had made the Disappearing Stories feature available on platforms like WhatsApp
and Instagram while copying from Snapchat. Now the company is going to copy the
Disappearing Message feature. With the arrival of this upcoming Disappearing
messages feature, it will automatically disappear after the user sees the
message. However, according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp users other than Snapchat
have to keep a time limit for this.

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3. In-App
Web Browser

company is thinking about adding an in-app browser to the app. With this feature In-App Browser help users will be able to open any link on the platform without leaving the app.
According to WABetaInfo, it is in the alpha stage of feature development and
will take a long time to be released.

4. Storage

what you receive in WhatsApp is stored in a folder in your device. And as far
as deleting is concerned, for this, you have to select each message separately
and delete it. To delete in bulk, you have to select the message or delete the
entire folder. According to WABetaInfo, the company is preparing to give more
control over storage options to the users before making some changes in it.
With this feature, storage control WhatsApp users will be able to manage their messages better than before.

5. Search
on web

Search on web this
feature of the Whatsapp messaging platform has been made available in many countries.
However, it is yet to be launched in India. The function of Search on web feature is to
help prevent misinformation from spreading in the app. With this feature, a
magnifying glass icon will appear with a forwarded message. This icon will take
users to the web and from here users can verify and check the message.

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6. Advanced
Search Mode

A new feature in WhatsApp will quickly search photos and videos WhatsApp has a
special advanced search feature. With the help of this feature, it is easy to
search for photos, videos, or other files shared in chat. This feature has come
for iOS as well as Android.

already has a search feature but is limited to contacts and chats only.
However, now in the new update, the company has made several special changes in
it. With the introduction of new updates, in-app content such as photos,
videos, documents, links, audio files, and GIFs will be easily searched.

7. Search
by Date

you want to search for a message sent or received on a particular day, then
that message can be easily searched through Search by Date under this feature. This
features search by date gives the users an option to search messages by date. The feature is still under
development and will be launched soon. This feature will be launched first for
iPhone and then Android devices

8. Mute
groups permanently

people are disturbed by unwanted group chat notifications on the instant
messaging app WhatsApp.  Whatsapp new
feature Mute groups permanently can give the option to mute chats forever. There
is an option of mute, but for a fixed time. WhatsApp’s new feature! Will give
freedom from notification forever.

9. QR
codes to add contacts

codes new feature has come on WhatsApp, through which you can add new contacts
as soon as you scan the QR code. This will make it easier to add new contacts to
your Whatsapp contacts.

you do not need to enter a digit of their number for this. With this, you can
also share the QR code with anyone, through which they will be able to add you.
Your code will not expire until you delete it on the RESET or your WhatsApp

 10. Messenger

The feature has now been launched by WhatsApp as well earlier Facebook launched the
Messenger Rooms feature some time ago so that 50 people can be connected
together in a room. Due to the spread of Coronavirus in the country, all the
states have given the facility of work from home. In Work from home, people are
comfortable doing office work at home with social distancing. But the biggest
problem in this was the communication gap, with the help of this feature,
adding 50 people together can be easily talked about.

 11. Integration
of WhatsApp into Facebook Messenger

company is preparing to merge Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. That is, if you
have a Facebook account, then you will be able to connect with a friend with a
WhatsApp account. However, it is difficult to tell when it will be released for

 12. Bubble

Chat is going to change color and design, it will be a new look. WhatsApp is now
testing a new bubble color bubble color test for dark mode, which will make it
easier to read messages. This new feature will come for both iOS and Android
users, it is believed that bright colors have been used to facilitate the
reading of messages in dark mode. In the current color, many times have to face
trouble in reading the message. It also seems that WhatsApp can launch multiple
colors for this.


I hope you all will like this interesting article The ultimate guide to 12 WhatsApp new features and make the most use of these upcoming features in your chatting with your friends and family also share this article.

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