Twitter Lite app | for Android users | know about new the feature

Twitter Lite app | for Android users | know about the new feature 

Twitter Lite app | for Android users | know about new the feature
Twitter, one of the biggest social media platform has released the “Lite” new version of their applications. The “Lite” version of  Twitter is mainly designed for the slow network. The “Lite” version can be used on 2G and 3G network, its size is 3MB. Let’s know about new features below-

Know about the new features –


Once you click on the data saver mode feature, its automatically gives you the control of images and videos that means you can decide which images or videos to be downloaded.

The “Bookmark” feature lets you bookmark any of your favorite tweets to read it afterward. Here’s how to use Bookmark feature:
Open the Twitter “Lite” app and look for the tweets you want to Bookmark. At the bottom of each tweet card, there are different icons, one of which is sharing tap it. In the menu that opens, tap the add tweet to “Bookmarks”  option to bookmark it.
To view Bookmark tweets just go to the profile picture at the top-left. This will open the navigation window where you can switch between Twitter accounts and view your lists. Here you will see a new addition; Bookmarks. Tap it to view all your Bookmarked Tweets.

Night mode feature allows your timeline theme brightness low as it will not affect your eyes.

Twitter “Lite” now has the option for thread feature. Here’s how to use thread feature:
Sign into Twitter account and click the tweet button at the top right. Click on plus icon and compose your new thread.
With thread feature, you can provide additional context, extended points by connecting multiple Tweets together.


If you are mentioned in your thread, you will receive a notification through your notification timeline, Push Notifications, and or email notifications- depending on your settings.
Push Notifications alerts you each time you are mentioned in a thread. Additionally, if you have elected to receive a push notification when an account Tweets, you will receive one notification when they send a thread.
Each time you are mentioned in a thread, it will be visible in the notifications timeline. The Tweet will indicate it is a part of a thread through the Show this thread prompt.

Twitter “Lite” is available to use right now just visit

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