WhatsApp latest stickers pack features | Here’ how to get it

WhatsApp latest stickers pack features | Here’ how to get it

WhatsApp latest stickers pack features | Here' how to get it
WhatsApp has made some amazing progress from being a straightforward text-for-text chat app to today supporting such a large number of other kinds of file formats. The chat app knows how extreme is the opposition today to survive and along these lines oftentimes continues adding new updates to make the stage connecting with and fun. One of such latest introductions is the new WhatsApp Stickers pack features. The feature begun taking off since the most recent week to users and today is accessible to both iOS and Android users.
WhatsApp latest stickers pack features are free and some being chargeable. What is fascinating that when you get a sticker the most out of your Dhanteras, Diwali wishes. Individuals are taking advantage of these stickers in this bubbly season. As is apparent, Dhanteras and Diwali stickers have turned into a moment seethe. Dhanteras wishing messages today yet the greater part of them were stickers. First-Stickers are a more innovative and bright method for conveying everything that needs to be conveyed particularly on happy events. Second-it spares you from composing long messages which on occasion can be dull and exhausting. WhatsApp already supports GIFs and emojis and now stickers are the new expansion to the rundown.  You can add that stickers pack to your WhatsApp sticker pack instantly. Users can include and additionally erase the sticker packs for WhatsApp that they need to. You should simply to tap on the sticker and select  ‘Add to favorites’ from the pop-up option.
The individuals who have not received the WhatsApp latest stickers pack features update yet, the sticker update is accessible on the latest version of WhatsApp. Go to your phone’s App Store or Play Store and essentially update your WhatsApp. You will get it.

Here’ how to get it WhatsApp latest stickers pack features

·         To get the WhatsApp stickers, your app should have the latest version. So, if have not updated your app, you must do it first

·         Once updated, open your WhatsApp

·         Go to any chat

·         Click on the Emoji icon appearing beside the text box (for Android users)

·         In the bottom panel, you will see three options – one of emoji, second of GIF and the third one is of stickers

·         Click on the sticker symbol
·         If you have not used any stickers, it will show – “You haven’t sent any stickers yet” written over there

·         On the right-hand top corner of the box, you may spot a ( + ) symbol
·         Click on the symbol and it will show a list of stickers which you can download and send to your contacts

·         At the bottom of the list, you will spot -a play store symbol with ‘Get More Stickers’ text

·         If you click on it, it will redirect you to the Play Store where a list of sticker app will appear.  You can download any of them as well.

However, if your app doesn’t get the feature even after you update it, then you are left with only two choices – either wait for another update or back up your chat history and reinstall WhatsApp again.
I hope this article “WhatsApp latest stickers pack features | Here’ how to get it” helped you to know about Whatsapp latest features and to install it.

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