Whatsapp new features 2018 | All you need to know

WhatsApp new features 2018 | All you need to know

Whatsapp new features 2018 | All you need to know
Whatsapp new features 2018 | All you need to know
Whatsapp new features 2018 | All you need to know. hello everybody today I’m going to share you all about Whatsapp new features 2018 with these new  features, utilize your WhatsApp with more fun and convenience

Whatsapp is the world’s most utilized messaging application, Facebook’s famous messaging application, WhatsApp, has given numerous new features to the user this year.
Texting application WhatsApp continually presenting new features refreshes for its user. This is the motivation behind why this social messaging application is very well known among the general population.

Social Messaging application WhatsApp constantly showing new features revives for its customers. This is the inspiration driving why this social illuminating application is extremely notable among the all-inclusive community. 

Here are some of the updated  Whatsapp new features 2018 

  • Whatsapp Group Call

‘Group  Call ’ button Whatsapp new features 2018 is one of the biggest upcoming updates which will be introduced to make group calling much easier. With this new feature, users will be able to make group calls straightforwardly to different individuals of the group instead of waiting for one of the users to connect to you.
As per a post on Wabetainfo, a site that keeps a steady track on everything about WhatsApp, the application is expected to get a beta form on iOS which will refresh the current group calling update to include a Group Call button. This will enable the users to instantly call up to three individuals from the group.
The previous version of the app expected you to call an individual of the group and only after they received the call would you be able to connect with other members. All of this goes out of the window and had a lot of issues connecting with multiple users.
The new update feature, you’ll have the capacity to make the call directly, both voice and video.
The new update/improvements Whatsapp new features are being rolled out only for iOS users starting as of now and will come Android users later.

  • Whatsapp Linked Account

‘Linked account’ Whatsapp new features 2018 has been made for the Business Facilitator, with the help of a linked account Whatsapp new features 2018, you can connect your profile to external services. 

It is being said that this feature of WhatsApp is designed for the user’s business request. This will connect your WhatsApp account to your Instagram profile.

The new ‘Linked Accounts’ WhatsApp new features 2018 will allow users to link their WhatsApp account to other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The ‘Linked Accounts’ New WhatsApp features would be available for users under the WhatsApp profile settings once launched. Presently, this new WhatsApp feature will just bring help for Instagram as an external service.

  • Whatsapp Private Reply

With the help of ‘Private reply’ Whatsapp new features 2018, users can answer to the private profile of messages sent to WhatsApp Group. To use this Private reply Feature, the sender needs to tap the three-spot menu on the left half of the application. Here you will get Private answer option. After choosing this option, the chose message will open in the chat window as an answer string secretly.

  •  Whatsapp Share Contacts Via QR Code

WhatsApp is planning to introduce Whatsapp new features 2018 for contacts, which includes the ‘Share contact via QR Code’  feature. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing the ‘Share contact via QR Code’ feature. Through this feature, users will be able to share their contact information in an encrypted form and ease the process of saving contacts. This feature is similar to what Instagram offers. This change is required to be taken off close by an improved ‘Add Contact’ UI, which will be accessible for both Android and iOS.
‘Share contacts via QR Code’ feature will allow WhatsApp users to create a QR code with their contact details. Within this Whatsapp new features 2018, the user can either select to scan someone else’s WhatsApp QR code or tap to reveal his/her own WhatsApp QR code that can be scanned by others. On detecting a QR code, for which WhatsApp will require camera permissions on your smartphone, WhatsApp will automatically fill out all the details besides adding the contact to the phonebook. Moreover, the users will have a choice to revoke a QR code on the first scan that will make it expired, for the time being, says the report. It is referenced that QR code sharing will be more valuable for businesses as the QR codes can be published anyplace including poster, leaflets, websites to allow users to straightforwardly connect.
Additionally, WhatsApp is accounted for to upgrade the Add Contacts include that will enable the users to “rapidly include contacts” into the application, and in addition the phonebook. While there has been a feature to include contacts WhatsApp for quite a while, the report guarantees that the update will bring a “straightforward and instinctive” UI that will replace the present technique under the same menu.

Selecting Add Contact, a new design will show up asking the user to just enter the mobile number while the country code will be automatically filled depending on the user’s location – in any case, users can edit the country code according to their decision. After entering the phone number, WhatsApp will check if the number is enrolled with the application. If the number isn’t on WhatsApp, a message saying “Not on WhatsApp” will be displayed on the screen.
The feature is being developed for both Android and iOS platforms, however, none of them has it yet.
  • Whatsapp video playback directly from the notifications panel

WhatsApp ‘ video playback directly from notifications panel ’ Whatsapp new features 2018, with this new feature WhatsApp for iOS users, could soon add the capacity to play videos directly from the notifications panel. This The feature called notification extension available for any WhatsApp iOS having beta version installed and is expected to roll out for all users via the App Store soon.
WhatsApp for iOS was updated with the help to preview media directly from the notifications panel. The feature called notification extension is available for any WhatsApp iOS 10 or later. There is presently word on when the feature will be released for Android users.
WhatsApp iOS users won’t have to open the app for playing videos sent to them on the platform. The support for video playback directly from the notifications panel will be available for videos sent by individuals as well as groups. WhatsApp’s notification extension allows iOS users to directly view pictures as well as GIFs from the notification panel. People can utilize the 3D Touch or swipe left on notifications which contain pictures or GIF and tap “View” to specifically see media from the notification panel.
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